Scribes Scibblings – Rob Partridge – 24th August 2020

Scribes Scibblings

This is the Scribes Scibblings from Rob Partridge for the meeting on Monday August 24, 2020.
The theme was Pride.

The roles were filled as follows:

President: Sarah Smith
Sergeant-at-Arms: Rob Partridge
Toastmaster: Thérèse Kinahan
Topicsmaster: Marcello Deidda
Ah-Counter: Chris Collins
Grammrian: Sarah Smith
Timekeeper: Angela Newell
Creative Corner: Etain Ryan
General Evaluator: Rob Partridge

The Word of the Day given to us by Sarah Smith was Farcical.


Speaker one was Aisling Nestor with a speech titled My Leadership Journey. They were evaluated by Fiona Mitchell.
Speaker one was Carmel Turley with a speech titled Schooldemic. They were evaluated by Beth Davis-Reinhold.

Speech Report
Both speeches were well done. Aisling gave some great points about her leadership journey and gave us things we could take away. Carmel talked about her project with a well-rounded and well presented plan. It was well thought out and well delivered.

The evaluations were good and offered some great feedback.

Officers Reports

Chris gave a great report that gave the members things to work on. Sarah was impressed by the use of the word of the day and fed back on some nice words and phrases she head.

Creative Corner

Etain was unable to attend to Thérèse filled in for her and read her poem.

General Thoughts

The meeting ran well. I’d like to see microphones on during some of the speeches as I think we lose some of the audience reaction. Of course this isn’t always possible but when it is it would be nice to do.

All in all I very much enjoyed it and look forward to the next one.

This Scribes Scribblings was written by Rob Partridge and submitted on August, 25, 2020