Scribes Scribbinngs – Rob Partridge – 25 May 2020

This is the Scribes Scibblings from Rob Partridge for the meeting on Monday May 25, 2020.
The theme was Drama!.
There were 20 people in attendance.

The roles were filled as follows:

President: Chris Collins
Sergeant-at-Arms: Victoria Staunton
Toastmaster: Marcello Deidda
Topicsmaster: Sarah Smith
Ah-Counter: Martin Foran
Grammrian: Rob Partridge
Timekeeper: Rob Partridge
Creative Corner: Elaine Cahill
General Evaluator: Donal Lernihan

The Word of the Day given to us by Rob Partridge was Instigate.


Speaker one was Fiona Mitchell with a speech entitled Lisbon and they were evaluated by Martin Foran.
Speaker one was Francesca Stratta with a speech entitled What if the perfect mentor was Hannibal Lecter and they were evaluated by Etain Ryan.
Speaker one was Carmel Turley with a speech entitled Mellow Yellow and they were evaluated by Sarah Smith.
Speaker one was Thérèse Kinahan with a speech entitled HelP and they were evaluated by Rob Partridge.

Speech Report
Fiona used slides to show us around Lisbon in Portugal. She made it look tr uly stunning. Her slides moved slowly from one image to the other and it re ally added to the beautiful descriptions she gave. Francesca gave a someti mes funny but totally useful speech on being a mentor. Not only did she give essential tips like “know what to step up and when to step back” but to make the explanation easily understandable she equated to a moment in movie where one character did something for another. It worked really well. Carmel’s speech was filled with memories and she started by sho wing us the packaging from a pack of Sweet Afton cigarettes and went on to talk about her father. After walking us through her memories she had a powe rful message about conservation and asked us to stop spraying weedkiller du e the damage it does to the environment. The line “my botanical sanct uary” will stay with me for a long time. Thérèse gave a spe ech about falling in love with cycling again. Like Carrels it was filled wi th memories as she talked about growing up and cycling, being afraid to go downhill too fast and her son getting over 40kmph out her bike. She ended w ith a picture of her on her bike and a beaming smile.

Officers Reports

Martin as Ah-Counter wasn’t as vicious as he said he was going to b e but still gave a full report with information that we can use to improve our skills. I gave the Grammarians report and it turns out I was that enth used by the speeches I did miss a tonne of uses of the word “instigate ” – my bad. I also reported on some nice phrases from the vario us speeches.

Creative Corner

Elaine gave two funny and apt poems, all about the lockdown. It gave us a laugh while giving Donal time to write his thoughts.

General Thoughts

Although the AGM took up more time than I imagined (Well done to the new committee) it was still an enjoyable meeting with four great speeches.

This Scribes Scribblings was written by Rob Partridge and submitted on May, 26, 2020