Uncles, Books and Arsenic!

With our president away our VPE, Mike Joyce, took his place and opened the evening with his usual calmness and professionalism. After welcoming everyone he handed over to our Toastmaster for the evening, Thérèse Kinahan.

Thérèse took us through the introduction of officers and we discovered our word of the day was Everywhen. Thérèse then handed over to Marcello Deidda to take us through Tabletopics. We knew it was going to be an interesting session when the first question was “Ask yourself a question and give us the answer.” This was followed up by “What movie did you love but will never watch again?” and “Does the place make the people or the people make the place?” The answers were as interesting as the questions!

After Tabletopics we had our three prepared speeches.

Francesca Strata was the first speaker who gave a speech entitled “Ripples” which told us about the life of her uncle in Italy who had recently passed away.

Niamh Moran was our second speaker who told us about her rekindled love for reading and the books she read during her travels, including some in foreign languages.

Finally Rob Partridge gave us the last speech from his penultimate advanced manual – Public Relations. Posing as a representative of ‘Water Solutions PLC’ he talked us through how the company was handling the recent scandal of arsenic in the water and then opened the floor up to questions.

With the speeches complete we had our refreshment break and then came back in for the evaluations.

Taking on the role of General Evaluator, Sarah Hearty, the Immediate Past President of the Galway club, welcomed us all back and introduced the evaluators.

Mike Joyce, doubling-jobbing, evaluated Francesca, and gave the recommendation of “keep doing what you’re doing.”

Michael Whyte, giving his first ever evaluation, evaluated Niamh and praised her vocal range followed by some useful recommendations.

In a last minute change Thérèse Kinahan evaluated Rob and congratulated him on completing the manual and giving a successful speech.

After the officers reports were done Donal Lernihan gave us a creative corner where he told us about the top ten most intelligent animals on the planet. The creative corner gives time for the General Evaluator to gather their thoughts before giving their report.

Sarah’s report praised the evaluators and officers of the meeting and remarked on how, as a visitor to our club, she’d had an enjoyable meeting, she then handed back to Mike Joyce, Acting President, to close the meeting.

Before bringing proceedings to an end Mike invited Maeve Barry up to say a few words. Maeve is the Area Director for Area F12 this year. Maeve remarked about the pleasant welcome she’d had from Victoria, our Sergeant-at-Arms, and how the club “got the business done while remaining a fun and welcoming environment.”

Mike closed by telling us a story of his attendance at a conference in Limerick where it showed that Toastmasters works.

Our next meeting is September 23rd which is our open night. More details are available here.


Written by: Rob Partridge
September 2019